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Fishing Stavanger offers professional guidance and a unique experience on the water surrounding Stavanger, Norway. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or a tourist hoping to test the waters, Capt. Ulf and his crew welcome you aboard.
MS RAPP is a 50’ saltwater fishing boat originally built in Risør in 1913. In 2012 this vessel was restored and gracefully transformed into a modern fishing boat, featuring advanced fishing technology and many amenities. On board you will find GPS, fishfinder, a multimedia system, heating, and an onboard toilet. MS RAPP is certified for 12 passengers and children are welcome. While fishing with Capt. Ulf and his crew you will have the opportunity to target a variety of local species. You will sail out from Stavanger harbor and head to the fishing spots that they know can provide a good catch. Several hours of deep water fjord fishing gives you a chance to catch Cod, Ling, Flounder, Conger Eel, Haddock, Whiting, and more.
A full day charter expands your possibilities, with a chance to cast lines in water as deep as 400 meters (roughly 1,312 feet). While fishing these depths you might reel in Halibut, Ling, large Catfish, and much more. Anglers need to provide their own gear for any fishing in water deeper than 80 meters (263 feet).
Fishing Stavanger provides Sølvkroken fishing gear and fresh bait. No fishing license is required for recreational fishing in Stavanger. You may keep your catch or you can release it back into the water for another day.
Book your trip today and discover the endless opportunities these waters have to offer!

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